DVA2 is a new image processing algorithm in Digital Variance Angiography. It has a special noise filter that eliminates bone artefacts and improves the visualization of small vessels, compared to the original DVA1 and DSA algorithms.
These benefits are especially useful in lower limb procedures under challenging conditions (CO2 angiography, dose management, below-the-knee interventions)

Kinepict helps medics see their patients more clearly while reducing the risks associated with angiography. Kinepict software is a CE marked and FDA approved class IIa clinically validated medical device which fully complies with ISO 13485 standard and can be connected seamlessly to any kind of angiography system.

Our proprietary algorithm enhances the quality of x-ray images. Our software works with existing technologies to create sharper pictures that give clinicians more information to support their diagnoses and treatments.

In addition to the clearer images, Kinepict offers a 70% reduction in radiation dose, as well as a 50% reduction in iodinated contrast agent. This means that Kinepict delivers superior clinical tools while reducing the risks to patients and clinicians alike.

While Kinepict technology is beneficial to general patient populations, our breakthroughs offer particularly compelling benefits to high-risk groups. This includes children, people with kidney function issues, diabetics and obese patients. All patients are at some risk from the damaging effects of radiation, but those groups are more susceptible to the side effects of angiographic procedures – if they are eligible for such procedures at all.

Kinepict has been operating since 2016. Our work has been clinically validated (5000+ patients and 75,000+ images) and published in leading peer-reviewed journals, and our mission is to branch into additional segments to become a global medical imaging company.

Learn more about the Kinepict Medical Imaging Tool and book your appointment for a fully personalised consultation at kinepict@kinepict.com or +36-31-782-4019.

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