We are very happy regarding our new HBBA collaboration and look forward to working with them. 
Our work will not only bring new ideas and opportunities to the table but great relations too.  At Kinepict we see this corporate work as a great opening for numerous benefits and values.

Discover and learn more about how Kinepict has learned from real-life experiences which have enabled us to exponentially grow and develop. This podcast series will bring unique access to fascinating individuals across all fields of life as we search for the answers to what it takes to achieve something exceptional in today’s competitive world.

The Host will be one of the CEOs, co-founder of Kinepict; Dr. Szabolcs Osváth.  Today's guests are Susanna Toth & Alireza Yaghmaei.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the synergy and learnings of this collaboration.

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