In this podcast, we discuss with Dr. Viktor Óriás two papers that validate the use of new imaging technology to support catheter-aided interventions in patients with iodine allergy or weak kidney function. Viktor, you played an important role in several initial clinical validation studies of the Kinepict DVA technology. One of these is about using CO2 as a contrast agent in x-ray angiography. We know that iodinated contrast agents are quite broadly used. The replacement of the iodinated contrast agents with CO2 is only possible below the diaphragm. A decreased use of the contrast agent would often be desirable in interventions of the carotid or of the blood vessels of the brain. You are the first author of a paper that was published in December 2020 in the European Journal of Radiology Open. The study aims to reduce the amount of the iodinated contrast agent in carotid interventions.

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