Dr. Balázs Nemes talks about the power of DVA technology when using CO2

In the field of Angiography, practitioners/physicians can make use of Iodinated Contrast Material (ICM) in their procedures, and there are many good reasons to do this, with clear imaging being just one of them. However, at Kinepict, we are pioneers and advocates for the use of CO2 in place of ICM.

Radiation Reduction with Kinepict’s DVA technology!

Dr. Peter Legeza presented on Digital Variance Angiography (DVA) which significantly reduces the radiation dose during lower extremity diagnostic angiographies without affecting the image quality during the 44th CX Symposium.

Dr Viktor Orias’s research founding on DVA

In this podcast, we discuss with Dr. Viktor Óriás two papers that validate the use of new imaging technology to support catheter-aided interventions in patients with iodine allergy or weak kidney function.

Collaborations & Reference Sites

The results we have gained in our research have emerged through blind testing, to ensure that medical professionals and esteemed colleagues have to independently assess the quality of Kinepict imaging in contrast to standard traditional measures.

Learn more about Kinepict’s DVA1 & DVA2 technology!

DVA2 is a new image processing algorithm in Digital Variance Angiography. It has a special noise filter that eliminates bone artefacts and improves the visualization of small vessels, compared to the original DVA1 and DSA algorithms.