Kinepict is the winner of the IRPA startup competition

This year Kinepict has won the IRPA 2022 Startup Competition. IRPA 2022 Startup Competition 2022 is a regional European startup competition organized as a satellite event of the 6th European Congress on Radiation Protection (IRPA2022) that is dedicated to finding the most promising solutions and innovations in the radiation protection field.

Digital Variance Angiography, a technological breakthrough in X-ray angiography

Digital Variance Angiography (DVA) is a proprietary innovative parametric imaging method that outperforms Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) in vascular imaging in the following three aspects: enhanced image quality, X-ray dose reduction,  and contrast agent dose reduction. DVA technology is implemented in the CE-marked (Class IIa) and FDA-approved Kinepict Medical Imaging Tool, available for use in […]