This year our CEO and co-founder of Kinepict, Krisztián Szigeti has received the prestigious Dennis Gabor Award.

From the range of annual open nominations of professionals, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees identifies professionals who have actively contributed to the success of the economy through the introduction of their technical-intellectual creations, developmental results, establishing the infrastructural background of innovation, developing the creative thinking of the generations to come and conveying professional knowledge at a high level of quality.

The Foundation seeks to establish conditions worthy of the presentation of the awards.

Since 2005, the event has been hosted in the Hungarian Parliament Building.  The event in 2005 was attended by John Nicols, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who also addressed those in attendance. During the last 15 years, the members of the Hungarian Government ordinarily participate in the celebration of laureated winners.

The awards are presented every year in December with the involvement of the Government of Hungary, in the presence of five hundred professional guests and the media.

Over the 30 years since the establishment of the award in 1989, Dennis Gábor awards have been presented to 239 (10 foreign) recipients, including international awards for six Hungarian, three American, one Austrian, one Russian and one Belgian national young researcher. A lifetime achievement award was presented to 1, “New generation” awards to 4 and “In memoriam Dennis Gábor” awards to 29 individuals.

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